My name is Greg Sweet

Greg Sweet

No pomp here. No pretense. Just a hard-working guy who loves building websites.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for genuine and enthusiastic assistance with your web project.

My services are available for complete design, development, and maintenance, as well as subcontracting development for agencies.

I believe it to be more important that the services shopper understand with whom it is that they would work than it is for them to look at a portfolio. So please allow me first to introduce myself. Read the traditional about page if you like but I’ll give you the summary here.

Prior to going full time with this website gig I have had several careers involving strenuous physical labor and personal customer service. Hence I am comfortable communicating with clients and I have a strong work ethic. These seem to be rare qualities amongst designers and developers yet they are crucial components of a satisfying website construction experience. In other words, I am not a flake, I won’t disappear on you like those other folk did.

And I’m not a youngster. With time comes knowledge and experience that helps to understand the businesses of clients, and the needs of their website visitors.

So get in touch via any of the methods on the contact page so we can meet and discuss your needs. Now on to what I do, how I do it, and how it will help you…

Website Design

It's not simply creative

Responsible website design involves far more than making things look pretty and making pretty things. Design is not just an aesthetic endeavor. In fact, design is much more exciting and challenging than that.

Take for example landscape design, a profession with which I have been involved. Folks naturally want their environment to be personally pleasing and attractive to guests. Good landscape designers will, however, first concern themselves with how their clients will use the land and any potential future uses. More importantly, as is the case with most websites, if the landscape is designed for public and commercial use it must primarily consider the needs and habits of the clientele ( Witness Exhibit A ).

So a good website designer will inquire about the purpose of the website and to whom the design must cater. Whether a website intends to generate revenue, develop a following, or convey a message, it is the end user, the design consumer, who will inspire good design.

That said, good website design also recognizes the needs and habits of those who write and update the content. This may be a single site owner or employees delegated to accomplish various task. A well-designed website considers the skill level and potential of those who will maintain it as well as the efficiency with which it can be maintained.

Website Development

It's a matter of responsibility

Good website design can only be implemented properly if the website development is performed carefully and thoughtfully.

Development, in website terms, carries a wide variety of connotations and has no precise definition. It can be anything from configuring a collection of prefabbed web tools to writing all original code. And good development can happen anywhere on that spectrum. What all good web development has in common is responsibility and consideration.

Website Services

It's all in the attitude

Temporary content.

Featured Projects

Designed & Developed by Controlled Chaos

You should have a look at some of the websites that I have designed and developed. Following is a selection of projects that showcases my work. More than simply a few screenshots and links, I have provided detailed information about design decisions and development processes.

Just Another WordPress Blog

Problems, solutions, angst, pride… a day in the life of website design and development.

Here Goes Nothing

Photo of plain white canvas fabric.

No content marketing nonsense, no get-rich-quick schemes. No email collection rackets, no affiliate links, no snake oil. Just a website guy creating things to help others.

It’s About Time

Photo of an analog clock dial, manipulated to appear as a concentric spiral of clock faces.

I have wanted to get this site going for several years. I temporarily re-prioritized my attention and allocated time for the proper design and development of the Controlled Chaos Design website.

Greg's blog is a Quinn Martin production